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Inspiration: Water

Lets dive


The story behind


After celebrating the on-ground nature, at Bagousse we wanted to celebrate the underwater one. This is where the inspiration of this silk scarf came from, in the deep seas of Indonesia.




Kerang in Indonesian means ‘shells’. This reminds us of the diversity in Bunaken National Park, a marine park located on the northeastern tip of Sulawesi Island. The floral pattern framed in a shell’s shape is very rich in colours and full of vibrancy, just like the coral ecosystem in Bunaken’s underwater world.



How to pair


This super vibrant colour will bring a sublime feminine touch to your outfit. Such an eye-catching topper to complement your basic clothing. A hint of vintage that inspired this maxi scarf, along with bold print and oh-so tropical holiday vibes, make it the perfect accessory to pack in your suitcase. You can wear it as a classic halter top by the poolside, or as a beautiful beach wrap that you can bring straight for a night out at the bar by the beach. You will definitely look stunning!